Blowing smoke up my ass idiom

Posted 2021-07-15
What Does The Expression Blow Smoke Up Your Arse Mean

There are so many threads on this topic. Seeing her asshole get stretched as he fat ass cheeks bounced around got me so hard, i'm surprised my boner didn't rip through my denim. Dude slams his fat sister in the ass.

When Doctors Literally Blew Smoke Up Your Arse

As luck would have it, exactly in that moment, my girl walked in. I'm feeling ridiculously horny. This guy may be really important or he may be blowing smoke up my ass. Oh, youre just blowing smoke up my ass, is something you might hear someone say when they think youre just telling them what they want to hear.

Blow Someone's Doors Off

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Tobacco Smoke Enemas In Eighteenth

This is not to say she didn't get her fat little pussy pumped either.

Are You Blowing Smoke Up My Ass

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What Does It Mean, If A Man Blows Smoke In A Woman's Face

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