Milky thick vaginal discharge

Posted 2021-03-30
Is White Discharge Normal During Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

A burning sensation while passing urine or having sex. However, some special texture and color fluid discharge is not a sign of good health. Milky white vaginal discharge, the first sign of pregnancy. These fluids are full of bacteria and dead cells of the body so its not that you are losing something important to your physical health.

Have Pink Discharge

However, if the color of the discharge develops a white-gray shade and a strong fishy odor, the discharge may be a sign of an infection. The girl who did this to her is almost nine.

How To Decode Your Vaginal Discharge Health Essentials

However, from time to time, the discharge could be an indication of an underlying health issue.

Pregnancy Discharge

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Thick, White Discharge

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Vaginal Discharge

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Vagina Smells Like Onions

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Excessive Discharge

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Cervical Mucus Monitoring

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